Lit by Haley Forrester January 11th, 2015
Mark Lewis was one of the greatest men my world has ever known. He was my mentor for storytelling, my inspiration for acting and writing, my role-model for becoming a creative human being, but most of all my friend. The news of his passing struck me absolutely dumb. I’d loved him. I love him. And, as we all struggle to get back on our feet, I realize that he is STILL my role-model, and my inspiration, and my mentor, if only from above. It’s thanks to him that I came to some amazing opportunities in life and became as involved as I am in theater and the creative arts today. Though it's hard to think about it, I know I want to keep telling stories. For him, and for me. Thank you, Mark, for recognizing me as a human being with potential, and for making me recognize it, too.
This candle was first lit on the 11th of January 2015 and will burn for 93 years 8 months and 30 days.