theglenofdoom December 9th, 2014

The Storyteller. – By Jacob D Peachbottom. There’s a man that I knew, and by I, I mean we. He was so very special, to so many and me. He would tell tales of laughter of heart and of woe. Regaling us all of a knight and his foe. Of the Vegetable lady and her garden so fine Every story he told, I felt like it was mine. Word Pictures were his magic, painting with verbs and with nouns His expressions, his gift Would make grins from all frowns I will tell you a secret, one that not everyone knew Even Disney knew of him and he shares him with you On a ride full of pirates, there’s a mystical bard You can still hear his voice if you listen real hard Stories you hear, in your head all the time Jabberwocky was one, a favorite of mine And the Highway man always rode off in the night With his sword and with honor he would stand up and fight He would make it rain, and by he, I mean we As we snapped and tapped fingers we heard wind through the tree And you giggled and smiled when you crunched mints in the night And they sparked and they sizzled… as you laughed in delight He touched us as very deeply, and was part of our lives. Our parents, our children, our husbands our wives. Our faire is our family… it is also our house. And my favorite story Sir Buckingham Mouse About a very young mouse, who was raised at the faire And he loved all the stories and the people from there But this story he wrote, was not fiction you see It was the story of his life and how he came to be. He inspired these words, for he was taken too soon His words were his instrument, his expressions the tune Keep speaking his words… the storyteller’s song As long as he’s remembered, he will never be gone