Mermaidlaughing December 10th, 2014

I wish all of us who loved him lived in the same city so we could all fall into each others arms for comfort..what a big city that would be. Maybe more like a state? A continent? He used to wink at me from the stage when he performed The Vegetable Lady...because he knew it made me cry EVERY time! I will miss that so much. He knew us. Each and every one of us. When he talked to us he made us feel like the most important person in his life. He knew what it meant to feel different. And he made it ok. He taught us how to tell stories and his voice will forever echo through our heads as we ride the Pirates of The Caribbean ride. He gave my daughter a father figure and he "got" her love of performance. He gave my tiny family hope that there are really decent loving men in this world and that magic exists. He gave us all of that even though in the 10 years we've known him, we've only seen him once or twice a year or so. But thats who he was and how he impacted everyone. Sleep sweet Mark Lewis. This Mermaid will be looking for her pirate friend on the other side for sure.