htaylor4 December 10th, 2014

Although I had not known him for long, in the six months I knew Mark Lewis he was an inspiration and a blessing to have in my life. From the moment I met him he believed in me. "I'll keep my eyes crossed for you" he said, upon me begging to be in his presentations class last Spring. Once I was accepted into his class, not only did he teach me to breathe, ground myself and be confident he also taught me to believe in myself and be strong enough to live out my own journey. The stories he told in class, for my sorority and that he had written were truly amazing and I am so thankful to have experienced the creativity of his mind. He was an incredible performer and even more of a wonderful human being. Shortly after we met, I shared with him my dream of working for Disney. From that moment on he never stopped believing that my dream would come true. "Belle" he would call me. He was willing to do anything to help me get where I wanted to be. Mark made an effort to always be supportive and be there for me both as a mentor and a friend. He was like another father to me and I can only hope that he knew how much his support meant to me and how much I loved him. "I miss your face" he would say. Mark, I will carry your spirit with me forever more. You brought me true happiness, could always make me smile and warmed my hearth every time we met. You gave me confidence and you gave me love. Through Mical the Dragon's Daughter you taught me to always have courage and through the Vegetable Lady to learn how to grow. There is so much more that you gave me and for that I am forever thankful. I miss you so much but will never forget the impact you had on my life. Thank you for loving me.