dmorrocc December 11th, 2014

Of this I am certain: The world is diminished by the loss of so great a soul. Of this I am more certain still: The world was made greater by his presence, as were the lives he touched with his open heart, infectious smile, and unbridled enthusiasm. That influence will continue to brighten the world long after he has left it. It is for those who remain to see to it that the positivity, the creativity, the unencumbered mirth that was...that is Mark Lewis continues so that the light of his having been here with us overwhelms the shadow of loss we now feel. Take time to be sad, but do not remain so. It is not a suitable homage for a person who so loved to spread joy. Instead, take some time amidst your busy schedule, even though there seems to be none to spare, and remember the man who always found time. Offer a tribute befitting one such as Mark, a tribute he would no doubt prefer. Continue to make the world brighter and, in loving memory of Mark, play.