wendy December 19th, 2014

Dear Mark the world without you in it is not the same. First I knew you as the Executioner at the Ren Faire back in the 70's Then I found out that the person under the scary mask and the wide shoulders was a truly gentle soul. As I lived in Claremont and you in Pasadena you would sometimes give me a ride home from the Faire on Sunday night. On one such ride, you told me a story. Actually I think we were sitting outside my hose in your car, because you used both hands to create sound effects! It was incredible. I knew I was in the presence of genius. I encouraged you to tell your stories at the Faire. I think the first time was up in Marque's rope treehouse with a handful of us. Not long after all of Actor's Camp gathered beneath the Story Tree to hear you. Thank you for my beautiful royal blue cape with gold trim! I remember when you first found Colleen and that no one else would do. And you gained her, didn't you? How wonderful! I am sorry not to have seen more of you and known your family. But I am so grateful that we found each other again after all these years, even if just on FB posts. I always thought we would meet again. Love to all you Lewis.' I am sure you are all as remarkable as your husband and father. Bless you all. I miss him too.