semajercin December 31st, 2014

A grand storyteller and miracle of a human being, well beloved by our community, Mark Lewis, has passed away. I still remember when I first met him, when he was my Headmaster at Harry Potter camp. I remember sitting with him at lunch time with the other kids, where he taught us how to draw scrolls and skulls, and sang us a song about a boy and a flute. I remember the joy I felt every time he visited my school, and how my classmates and I would fall into the stories he told, as if by magic. I remember in high school when he taught a lesson for my acting class, it was like I was a little kid playing pretend, again, and imagination was as good as reality. To me, Mark Lewis was proof that you didn't have to be a famous star, known by all the world, to be happy, successful, and loved for what you do. Still, I wish all the world knew him, all the same, and knew the magic of having someone like him in your life. I can't begin to describe the loss that I feel. Rest in peace, Mark Lewis