cherylh January 8th, 2015

So many inspiring stories about a man who touched us all. I knew Mark as a storyteller, teacher, wizard, pirate, and man full of love who gave us all permission, no, entreated us, to feel the wonder of imagination, stories and just being in this world. In doing this for children especially, he expressed a profound respect for the unique experience of being a child. I am grateful for the joy he brought to my daughter and her friends and parents through his storytelling, his magic and his wizard camps. A simple memory brings to mind his talent and ability to just be ludicrous: he was the only person I ever saw play two recorders in one mouth in two-part harmony, and do it melodiously. The heavens will laugh louder and smile brighter for your presence, and we will miss you deeply. I am so sorry for your loss, Coleen, Mical and Katie.