Camp Bravo Magic

Created by Katiefreeman03 6 years ago
I will never forget the warmth of Mark Lewis' soul. I met him my first night at Camp Bravo. I was a scared 12 year old, away from my parents for the first time, and I remember being terribly homesick. As the group of campers walked to the outdoor theater, Mark Lewis saw me, and consoled me. He gave me a hug, and told me not to worry. He was one of the first friends that I made. The outdoor theater became Mark's playground. Spinning tales of the Jabberwock, amongst others. As a fun way to create our own "magic," he handed out wintergreen Lifesavers that he instructed would spark when we chewed them. It WAS magic! He helped me let go of what was "down the mountain" and transition into the transformative place that I hold dear in my heart: Camp Bravo. Mark Lewis, you were so kind, and it saddens me that I won't get to see you again. Your kind spirit will always stay with me, and those you met.