Memories of Mark

Created by nick smith 6 years ago
I first saw Mark perform along with Craig Coulter at the Ice House Annex in Pasadena, many years ago. They were doing all sorts of schtick, including a number in which the two of them played three recorders, between them. Mark had two recorders in his mouth at the same time, fingering one with each hand. Years later, in the 1990s, we brought him to perform at the Summer Solstice Festival, where he enchanted audiences with his versions of poetry, like his version of "Jabberwocky" with sound effects. Most of all, though, I remember his lovely children's stories, like "The Vegetable Lady." It was such a touching story, with a wonderful lesson for kids, that I'm glad he created it. Mark was also one of the kindest, most level-headed, most professional storytellers in the world. When another teller, both clueless and time-senseless, kept going over time and into Mark's, Mark never lost his composure, but instead focused on giving the audience a good time.