An Teaching Lesson.

Created by ame eclipse4 6 years ago
Story time is always the best time in any human beings life. Mark Lewis was indeed one of the greatest storytellers I ever knew. And he passed on many wise teachings to me, a young story teller with still much more to learn. It was May of 2012. My mother was a great friend of his and I had asked him to be the subject of my interview for my Senior Project paper in high school. We met at Allen Bros. coffee shop. My little recorder in hand and a pad of paper and a pen with questions listed. Anxious in asking. Then he came. Smiling and happy, I was mesmerized by his positive energy and bathed in his wise summertime smile. After getting coffee he sat down, looking at me straight in the eye. I could see his own level of excitement. A student ready to learn his way of telling a story! I was ready. I cannot recall every detail but I do recall how so much time felt so short. I had taken in every detail, asking questions, listening to his own stories. Feeling a sense of hope that one day...I could aspire to be just as good as he was. That one day I can engage in someone, pick at their brain a little and spark the imagination we humans have the amazing ability to just create in an instant. But they best thing about this entire engagement was the sheer joy in his eyes when he talked about one of the greatest things he loved to do in life. Was be a story teller. And much like Homer of the Odyssey or Shakespeare of his many famous plays. To me, he will always be remembered. And I regret that I never took the chances to learn from him again. In this time of grieving and sorrow. I hope you all know that somewhere in our hearts and souls, no matter how insignificant our meeting was with him. Just know that his stories will always be with a hidden teaching that he created for us to learn and share with everyone. Much love to his family. Thank you for letting me share my small spark of love that I had been privileged to experience.