The voice of the wind

Created by management 6 years ago
There are lives and lights that touch others and make them feel they're part of a whole where they are included. I meat Mark Lewis back in 2008 and my life changed accordingly to this enormous and very important event. Mark was a spark of magic and I cannot even relate what I felt the first time I listened to him telling a story. But I can tell they became real and tangible when he spoke, in a way that reality itself distorted to absorb you and even creating the most strange memories like seeing a forest waving and moving all its branches like a living wall when he was whistling like the wind. That imprinted in my brain, it really happened, and it was magic. The storyteller and his friend Billy (the Green Man) changed my life, and gave me comfort and friendship and a generous slice of their wisdom cake. I decided to write them both last night to say thanks, we cross paths soon, only to realize today that he´s gone. He´s off this earthly existence since Sunday and my heart just broke a little. I feel as if I have sent a message to space, but yet maybe there he can read it. Me and Héctor will miss you dearly and are grateful that we met you, and to read in the networks all the others also touched by your existence move me and gives me comfort. I don't know, but wherever it is the reason he´s gone there has to be MAGIC INVOLVED. We love you and we will miss you, THANK YOU. Forever grateful. Pris and Héctor You touched our spirits and you stayed there