Creating a Classroom for 3rd Graders

Created by tmryates 6 years ago
Mark, his brother Matthew and I were setting up my elementary school classroom in Vista, CA. Mark painted a picture of Merlin the magician on the outside of my classroom with a rainbow ending at the door to the room. ...remembering this was the mid seventies, we had "Sympathy for the Devil" playing on the record player (yes)... Mark burst into a hilarious way for me to start my classroom off.... play this song and say, Children, let's learn about anarchy! Matthew and I laughed till be cried.... Mark came to the class many times to sing and play tunes for my very lucky students.... His body may be gone, but he left sooooo much loving creative energy in the world he will be touching many for eons. Hugs to all the Lewis clan... you are often in my thoughts... Tamara (from UCSD teacher education days).