Created by sessydolphin 6 years ago
My very first memory of Mark Lewis was from near the end of my freshman year of high school in 2004. I was going on a trip with many of my theatre buddies to the International Thespian Society Oregon State Conference. It was an amazing event, with many workshops and performances and activities where I made many friends and many memories. The one thing I will never forget was the first time I got to see Mark perform on that stage. I can't quite remember all of the stories he had painted for us that night, though I am positive The Highway Man was one of them. But I do remember him making quite the impression on me, an inspiration. I was so impressed that when he was done with his stories, as he was walking up the aisle to a standing ovation, I ran from my seat and gave him a huge hug. I couldn't stop myself. He was just so amazing and awe-inspiring. Since that day, I continued to see him at other events, such as the Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire and FairieWorlds. I always said hello and gave him a hug. He was amazing and I miss him.