Magic happens!

Created by Jestsomeantics 6 years ago
The air went still, the sounds of Trolls Hollow quieted and as I stood straddling the creek that flowed down through actors camp, my mind quieted, as well. It was my first Saturday night at faire. I had not yet discovered the revelries that abounded throughout the night and so I stood, focused completely on the water below. I was watergazing in an attempt to "see" more than the one reality we share. Clouds parted, moonbeams splashed and played over the water and I asked that the water take me to a world of magic, a world of wonder and pop! No longer was I standing next to the path that led passed the showers and across the creek. I was traveling in the water, dancing and swirling gladly with the moonbeams and then, into sudden darkness. The next instant, I was engulfed in stabbing white light. As the brightness coalesced into many points, I arose to face my fear, only to realize I stood in the midst of many people. They were sitting, some pointing flashlights, all facing towards me. These people were packed so tightly in the narrow space that I wondered how I could have gotten to the middle of this crowd. "How did I....did I just appear? I asked those nearest. They just looked at me blankly, till finally someone further back said "yeah, now could you sit down?". It was then that a calm yet commanding voice from behind said "I don't know how you got here, but, would you join us and sit?" I turned to see an interesting fellow sitting at the foot of a huge old oak tree. All eyes were on him, as were the lights. He began to tell a story. A story of a Storm with crashing thunder, lightning and wonder and I listened as raptly as any of those who had arrived by conventional means. I had gotten what I had asked for. A place of magic and wonder. That was the first of the many, many times I would sit with my peers and marvel at the Word Pictures painted by the incomparably talented Mr. Mark Lewis. Thank you, Sir, for lighting our way! Adam Reid