Up The Mountain

Created by skylar e sutton 6 years ago
As most of you know, every summer I sneak away to summer camp for a week. I leave my work and my bed and go away to a secret theatre place in the woods. I first went to camp when I was 15. My soul was overwhelmed. After the week, on the car ride down the mountain (before I fell asleep, obviously) I could not contain the euphoria and the excitement and the joy trying to explain hearing Mark Lewis tell The Dragon's Daughter. To this day I remember that feeling and I've never quite been able to fully grasp the emotion, the desperation of trying to explain this magic. I found a lot of things at camp, but the stories are what guaranteed I would come back. Listening to Mark was unbelievable. He was an incredible human being of love and joy and I am so terribly sad to hear of his passing. I know he was an amazing teacher because each of us can do a wicked rendition of Jabberwocky. So please, if you knew him or not, go tell a story tonight. Storytelling is the most basic tool of life. Thank you, Mark, for all the awesomeness.