To my Dearest Friend Mark's Amazing Family

Created by designercostumer 6 years ago
Your Husband, your Father was as you know one of the best human beings in the world. This is for Him I have known you Mark since the early Ren Fair days. You was one of the first people I met when my feet touched the ground in Agoura. You were an enigma,a force of nature like I have not experienced since. As the years went by I was fortunate to be cast in many a show with you, including the infamous Drake Show on that amazing ship that rocked on the imaginary seas. I remember many a night show in Blackpoint one where your spotlights were headlights. When you spoke we all listened wanting to catch every word. For decades no matter how long we had seen each other you never forgot me. Several years ago I was working the Morrison Center in Boise State University and I noticed the name Mark Lewis on the door--thinking it couldn't be him. a half hour later as I turned the corner there you were with your arms outstretched as I fell into your hug. I was homesick for Faire and you made it alright for awhile--Thank you Dickens several years ago I designed a stage I was honored you performed upon, for I had also made costume pieces for you years before--it was a full circle moment. And then you me David and Ginnette doing the dirtiest limericks possible across from Dark Garden. And then Coffee in Eugene this May on the way to my son's Graduation. Where you gifted me with new wonderful friends. What an amazing final memory. Thank you his Family for sharing him with us. Find Peace in our love for him and you. Sincerely Vicky Nebeker