Memories of Mark

Created by akc247swbell 6 years ago
I remember how excited I was to see him on Grimm. We had started watching the show mid-story line, and when we finally caught up on all the current episodes we went back to the beginning to see what we had originally missed. I was so excited to see Mark on the show. I had had no idea. "Oh my god. I know him!" I shouted in delight as my family shushed me because, you know, they were trying to watch the show. I am deeply saddened by the sudden loss of Mark, storyteller extraordinaire. I will forever see him, larger than life, lit by a variety of Faire night-lights, playing with his beard, as he painted us stories of word pictures. I have many fond memories, of all the stories, and rain making, and lifesavers, the executioner, but one of my favorites, is my memory of him as Dirty Jack saying to my "brother" Andy about me, while carrying his treasure chest , "I'll trade you your box for mine" And then, waggling his Dirty Jack tongue. It was a tiny moment in time, but so fun, and so memorable. ;)RIP sir. You were a gift to us all.