Mark the Actor and Musician

Created by crcandamc 6 years ago
I first met Mark when we were attending John Muir High School. That was where we had our first real introduction to the world of acting and we appeared in several of the school plays. Like many of the actors in those classes, we loved music and would play songs at parties. I got to know Mark much better when we carpooled to school at Pasadena City College. We took the same acting classes and did scenes together ("the Odd Couple") and appeared in PCC's Theater Productions like "Fiddler on the Roof". It was in the Touring Children's show "The Fantazmic Express" that Mark and I first started writing songs together. After that, he brought me into his storytelling world, playing some after hours events at the Renaissance Faire, where he was already well-known. I underscored his storytelling with guitar music, and we set to music his lyrics for songs from those stories. We worked together blending acting and music from 1971 to 1984, although we stayed in touch for years after that and did the occasional musical set here and there. When I think back on those years, I realize that Mark left quite a legacy. His talent touched literally thousands of people, and no one who saw him could ever forget him. I feel fortunate to have seen him at his best and to be there for so many pivotal moments. Thank you, Mark. From your old pal, Craig Coulter