How I was touched by Mark Lewis's performances

Created by autumnrascon 6 years ago
I only saw Mark Lewis twice in my life. Once in 2013, at a Halloween event at the local library -"scary story telling". It was there that I first witnessed the magic of Mark Lewis. I sat in awe as the stories unfolded. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced before - such energy, expression, and joy! Mark gave so much of himself in his performances. He shared his values of the importance of quality time spent with loved ones, and sharing stories. Even my 25 year old son was touched and deeply moved by the whole experience. My family was very excited when we heard that Mark would be performing a short time later at the Wildish Theater in Springfield. We bought 7 tickets - we wanted to bring along some family members that weren't able to attend the library event. The performance was incredible. Again, I sat in awe. Members of my family were giddy with delight. I went up to Mark after each performance that I attended. He was so approachable, so warm, so accepting. Mark Lewis was a beautiful and loving person. He had a way of giving to others with every essense of his being. He lives on in every one of the lives he has touched. Tina Rascon-Mau