"See, this is why we love you!"

Created by forreshe 6 years ago
I'd been an Amazon wizard camper from way back, and so loved and admired Mark Lewis (that is, Headmaster Marcus Ambrosius of the American School of Witchcraft and Wizardry--Hip, hip, HOORAY!). I suggested to my Girl Scout group that we bring him as our guest artist for a Wizard Camporee, and we all met up with him and set to work planning a weekend of magic. From the sorting hat ceremony to a death-eater raid, from goblin attacks and patronuses, from wand-making to making rain, we pulled out all the stops. Mark even helped all of the girls create lanterns for their night-wood walk where they saw fairies flit through the forest and trolls roam free in the underbrush. The best part, though, was Mark helping the kids put together the pieces of ancient map they'd found throughout their activities, leading to a treasure chest which was...empty. (I distinctly remember chuckling with Mark as we planned this---the big build-up moment to the grand finale... he knew how to work with any audience, no matter how big or small, young or old.) Then with a great shout--- a false bottom! The surprise and pure joy on the girl's faces was plain to see. Not only did they receive a treasure from the chest, but Mark worked his magic, and through the power of words, reminded them that each and every one of them was their own treasure. One of the best Cleowox camps EVER.