An Ill-Prepared "Farewell"

Created by winnie cyler 6 years ago
It seems like it was just yesterday that I was learning about character masks, and how to tell a story, or how to create a story using your voice and your own body, or bouncing nautical puns back and fourth with you in the classroom. Never have I met a happier or more peaceful man, whose heart could fit the whole world in, and whose voice could bring light to any dark room. I will never forget you, Mark. I wish I could've seen you again, but while there is heavy sadness in mine and everyone's hearts, we will keep your spirit alive by spreading the kindness and passion that you dedicated yourself to so immensely. I promise to view the world with as much wonder and to give others as much kindness and sincerity as I can give, and I will pass the joy you brought into my world to those around me, as I know you loved to do so wholeheartedly. Rest in peace, my friend and teacher. We will miss you until the end of time.