Mark Lewis' impact on our students and the culture in Allen Hall

Created by derville 6 years ago
Ground yourself into the floor. Breathe deeply. These are a couple of the introductory steps Mark would have our students take to get comfortable with public speaking. I watched my students blossom into eloquent, engaging public speakers under Mark's mentoring. He was a man who taught through inspiration. His spirit and life force were so grand, so uplifting, so inspiring. As the great orator he was, he delivered a moving speech at the end of our student awards last year, and in that special moment, our students' parents caught a glimpse of the kind of magic that goes on in the J-School. I am so glad that my life and the lives of my colleagues and students were touched by him. I will remember him fondly and send big hugs and comforting wishes to his family, to his friends, and to all of us whose paths were brighter because he was walking along with us.