My Short Story with Mark Lewis and "just" Mark

Created by Laurentodd11 6 years ago
I only had the honor of knowing Mark for a very short time but I can tell you, he changed my life in more ways than most people who have been present my entire life. On the very last day of J408, I arrived oddly early for class. Mark was alone in the room and greeted me with his jolly smile. He told me of an email he had just received from a former student who was sharing how much Mark helped him through a rough time. Little did Mark know, he was helping me through my dark time as well. That morning I opened up to someone I thought was my professor, little did I know he was also a dear friend. I cried and he consoled me with tissues and kind words. He shared stories with me that let me know he was truly listening to me and he also shared with me the secret behind Mark Lewis, the man he let everyone see. While also sharing "just" Mark with me, a version of himself he only showed few. I feel so honored to have been able to know both of these men. He will have forever changed my life with those kind words and glistening eyes he shared with me on that morning. Rest in paradise, dear friend.