A Fair Tale

Created by aurelia 6 years ago
I fondly remember having the pleasure of listening to Mark several times after hours at Faire during the 80tys. What a wonderful story teller he was!! I loved all his stories and fondly remember one time when he handed out wintergreen life savers to everyone before his show. When we all had them he said, "Ok, now, put one in your mouth chew it up with your mouth open and look at your neighbor." The life savers sparked green in the dark! We all had a great laugh over that and I've never forgotton it. He talked about a childrens book he had published and if I remember correctly, it was about a Gargoyle. Because it (the story) happened at Christmas the book got lumped into a Christmas book catagory and didn't sell well. I looked for it for years and never could find it. I am fortunate to have a VCR tape he sold one year that had him telling his stories to a bunch of kids. It was done to see if it would work as a show on TV. I still watch it every now and then. So sorry we have lost such a wonderful and talented man!