DPAC Memories

Created by elizabeththomas1493 6 years ago
Mark was the storytelling instructor at the performing arts camp in Durango I went to as a kid. He was full of love and life and was so boisterous and joyous he seemed fit to burst with magic. I wish I could remember the specifics of a story he told me one on one, one year. He told me he was sure the heroine of the story was actually me, that somehow he had known me before he'd met me and that he'd written that story about me. Mark knew exactly how to make a young girl feel special, talented, safe, loved, and accepted. I truly believe there was magic in him. I hadn't seen him in years but I know I will never forget him or his stories for as long as I live. He enriched every life he encountered and breathed life and magic into his every moment. Thank you, Mark, for all your tales.