Mark: My Words (Confessions of a Tale n' Talk Star Groupie

Created by 4bebop2 6 years ago
Mark: My Words (Confessions of a Tale n’ Talk Star Groupie) Dear Magic Word-Weaver trailing and taling clouds of glory — and gory — you’ve left us behind, perhaps to go searching for more “red verbs” (I love “red verbs,” too !) to paint your magical word pictures. Or are you galloping off with Bess, the landlord’s black-eyed daughter, down the ribbon of moonlight in search of the Highwayman riding, riding up to the old inn door? Or did you high-tail it with old Blue looking for “Tailey-Po, Tailey-Po! All I want’s my Tailey-Po”? Or, having slain the frumious Bandersnatch, are you galumphing after the Jabberwock, your vorpal blade slicing snicker-snack? I see that the wonderful Vegetable Lady is by your side as she sings in her gardens so neat. So… now that you’re gone and I’m feelings clouds in my face and it feels like manure all over the place, I think of you, dear Mark Lewis. But in my heart of hearts, I jump up and hug you and look at your beamish-boy, twinkly-eyed face and say, “Thanks a lot, Mr. Vegetable Lady’s Man!” And, in spirit, we’ll wink at each other each time we meet. He’s my friend. He’s Mark Lewis, the Magic Word-Weaver Man. With gratitude and respect, Karen Myers Adoring Fan & Retired Middle-school Teacher