HUGE Spider Web on Halloween

Created by sneeeze77 6 years ago
Mark was the ultimate master of playfulness. One favorite memory of Mark, was after having moved away from Eugene in the 1990s. I made a visit one Halloween night after checking in by phone that it was still OK to show up so late. Mark was excited for me to see that he had built a HUGE spider web with rope, which donned the car port area at his home. Little did he know that my costume was that of a black widow spider. After ringing the door bell, I jumped on Mark's giant web before he opened the door. Needless to say, in the spirit of Mark, he was beyond thrilled that his giant web was in use by a giant spider. Can't you just hear and feel his booming laughter now? Mark will continue to inspire my spirit of play and those of so many others. He will continue to make this world a better place long beyond his earthly time.