A Real Storyteller

Created by marlanabickelhiex 6 years ago
I spent a good deal of time with Mark during my youth working at the Campbell House during Christmas time. Mark has left a lasting impression on my heart. I think my 14 year old Self sums it up quite well in the essay I wrote about mark in school: Almost everyone has heard a storyteller. But, I happen to know the best Storyteller of all time. His name is Mark Lewis. At first glance he looks like any other man. But, Take a look and you will see a man with stories waiting to be told. Mark Lewis Walks with confidence and pride. His face is gentle and caring. He has eyes through which he sees the world as a child would. These Eyes are under Expressive Eyebrows. They not only express things as we do but, other emotions some of us have not yet discovered. He has a mustache that goes in to his wild beard. The Wild beard feeds into wild and crazy hair. He wears a royal red vest with pockets full of magical imaginative things. When Mark tells his stories, he uses great expression. He has a booming voice that echos through the Cottage.The Cottage is where he tells his stories. But, he will tell his stories anywhere he can. As long as you are ready to listen and open your imagination, he will tell them to you. His Stories are colorful and new. They range from stories for children, to stories that teach you things,to horror and terror. His most famous stories are his Christmas stories. When you come to see him you can not prepare yourself for what you will experience. He makes his intro with a musical Piece. Then he will make way in to the story. While telling his stories he will get into it. He will move around the room and change his voice for each character. Each time he performs he acts as if he is in a wonderful theater. A special Memory I have of Mark is the first time I saw him We were at the Campbell house having a tea. It was Christmas time. He had on his royal red vest. I saw his wonderful curious eyes. I knew his was wonderful. When I heard him tell his story he took me away. His booming voice with so much expression .I knew at that moment he was a REAL Storyteller. Marlana Murray Written May 28th, 2004