A Summer With Mark

Created by ronn1 6 years ago
The passing of Professor Mark Lewis is a huge loss to the UO community and the SOJC, not to mention the obvious void that is now felt by his family and friends. Mark was an amazing man. The outpouring of love and respect is well-deserving. I will never forget the summer of 2013. That's when I took the Presentation Skills class. Mark's teaching skills were as impressive as his storytelling prowess; even more so, was witnessing the amazing transformation fellow students made due to his guidance. Mark took people with raw presentation skills and developed them into excellent public speakers, and this was done over a short period of time. To this day, I remember the PIIPER (Participation, Inspiration, Imagination, Enthusiasm, Respect) and the five "Bs" (Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Understood, Believe, Breath) lessons. My classmates and I owe Mark a tremendously debt of gratitude. He inspired us to become better presenters and speakers. I will miss watching Mark perform outside of class, but his lessons will always be with me. Godspeed Professor Lewis and thanks for the memories.